It started off very small...

Jen Looper and Mirlu collaborated to put together a printed card set featuring 20 women in tech. All proceeds went to the Vue Vixens Scholarship Fund.

Five shrink-wrapped packages of printed cards from the Heroines of JavaScript project displayed in a fan on a desk with packages of resistors in the background.

NOTE: The set is currently sold-out.

We took it a little further...

In addition to wanting a set for myself, I got 5 additional sets. These became a stream giveaway on Twitch (roberttables). The winners were viewers all over the world. One such winner was a fellow tech streamer on twitch, Mike Jolley (theMichaelJolley).

...And it had amazing results

Mike also purchased additional sets. (I suspect they bought up the entire existing supply, but that's just between us!) This led to not only additional givaways on their streams, but something even more amazing.

Mike set up a series of remote interviews with each of the Heroines of JavaScript. They were interviewed by both of his daughters, also interested in learning from women in tech about their backgrounds, challenges faced, and advice for becoming a future woman in tech. And they were some amazing interviews!

NOTE: That series is currently paused for the season and will resume in the future.

This site is dedicated to the project the impact it has made

Seeing that the cards were sold out, and that there was sill interest in the content of the cards, I reached out directly to Jen Looper and asked if I could make this site on stream. Jen was absolutely thrilled about the idea and was extremely supportive, providing the card art and her blessing to go ahead.

More info...

If you're curious about this project, see the  Readme for more info, or to help out! PR's are always welcome!